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a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasting

1:07:24 | Apr 3rd

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with Nick Quah (@nwquah), Connie Chan (@conniechan), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) It's a podcast about podcasting! About the state of the industry, that is. Because a lot has changed since we recorded "a podcast about podcasts" about four years ago: p...Show More

alicekoMay 13th

Great episode into the future of podcasting! I had to takes notes since there were so many great topics discussed including: - The need for audio screenshots & automatic transcription - Why is there a lack of quote screenshots? - The use of search on Twitter for podcast episodes - Metrics needed including: insights per minute and drop off insights - How podcasts build conversations about topics and create niche communiies - How podcasts drive the book sales industry - The need for really good discovery and curation (like Podyssey!) - The need to have conversations with listeners - We do not need CD's anymore to get to the song should be the same way with podcasts. We need to be able to tag podcasts.

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dannyApr 13th

Some amazing insights on why podcasts are so popular these days, what's holding it back and what are people trying to do to solve it. Great encouragement for us as we build out the community here!

stefannypackMay 2nd

@danny I listened to this episode based on your review and it was so "meta" and interesting.

dannyMay 2nd

@stefannypack Glad you found it interesting 😁.