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A Very Offensive Rom-Com

1:01:00 | Apr 5th

5 echoes
A young woman discovers a pattern in her dating habits that disturbs her - a pattern that challenges her very conception of who she is and what she believes in. The realization sets her off on a quest to change her attractions. But is this even possi...Show More

pannndemoniumAug 21st

Ever think that who you tend to date is proof of white supremacy? Fascinating look at dating/paring norms explored on the micro and macro scale. Thought provoking and intense listen.

fiercefabJul 10th

I found this episode refreshing in its candour. In general, I appreciate that Invisibilia is unapologetically nuanced and its storytellers are brave enough to turn the gaze inward. I can count on it for that, which is reassuring in divided times.

alicekoJul 10th

@fiercefab Holy moly. One of the most interesting podcasts I've listened to in terms of emotional ups and downs (the first part was so chilling & sad for me to hear - yet it ended on a happy note), relatability & shock (not something you'd randomly think of). Very thought-provoking - thank you for the echo! Will be sharing with friends. Do you read Elaine Liu's column? She writes heavily on the changing dynamics of interracial dating for asians. @mm - recommending!

fiercefabJul 10th

@aliceko I have not read that column! I’ll give it a try. It was actually a column that got me thinking more critically about dating and preferences in the first place. It was called “decolonize your heart” but I can’t seem to find it online anymore.

fiercefabJul 10th

@aliceko No, but I’ll read this too! The one I read was specifically from a Latinx perspective, and it really hit home.

alicekoJul 10th

@fiercefab Would love to read that article if you find it! This is one article that Elaine Liu wrote on a related topic:

alicekoJul 23rd

@fiercefab I wish they would do a 'part 2' on this episode! Interesting interview that they could incorporate: