The End of Empathy

52:13 | Apr 12th

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Invisibilia is a show that runs on empathy. We believe in it. But are we right? In this episode, we'll let you decide. We tell the same story twice in order to examine the questions: who deserves our empathy? And is there a wrong way to empathize? If...Show More

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jspinelleApr 21st

Really interesting look at incel culture and how much framing a story matters!

podcastbrunchApr 29th

@jspinelle I just listened to one of the recent democracy works episodes and one of your guests was talking about the need to bring back empathy and it really reminded me of this episode of invisibilia and the two different perspectives on whether empathy should be employed.

jspinelleApr 29th

@podcastbrunch Yes! I thought about that a lot during this episode. I think EJ would definitely be in the same camp as Hanna. It’s still the model we teach in journalism school too 😬

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mmApr 24th

Really enjoyed this episode! Invisibilia gives a young woman an interview test for her producer role to produce a story and contrasts it with what they produced. The analysis in generational differences in empathy, how to practice it and its role in civil society was fascinating.

mmApr 24th

@podcastbrunch - Really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for reminding me about it. Definitely see what you mean about this episode challenging the thinking of the generally accepted role of empathy in public discourse.

alicekoApr 29th

@mm Thanks for recommending this episode. Fascinating look into, not just incel culture, but how different generations are socialized to have empathy (or not).I have never recommended a podcast episode to friends as much as this one!

virovalkyrieMay 11th

I like how the dilemma is set between being empathetic and making a stand presented in the show. It’s something I’ve been struggling with but the conclusion makes me rethink what empathetic truly means. This is the best episode of the season!

mmMay 13th

@virovalkyrie You found this episode too! I loved it. Ditto on the conclusion too and how it changed what I think about empathy too. I recently found out about the “cancel culture” and figuring out how to place that within this new analysis of empathy.

epekilisJun 26th

Brilliant episode features a rare degree of self-reflection by the host about a basic philosophical value of the show, namely encouraging the audience to empathize with the subject being interviewed. The interviewer pushed back on the assignment, leading to a thoughtful examination of whether there are circumstances where empathy is being used inappropriately to manipulate public opinion. I love that this exploration played out transparently on air.

mmJul 8th

@epekilis I love this episode so much. I tell everyone I know about it. You captured all of why it’s so good.

mmJul 8th

@acserrano This is the episode about uncles, journalism and empathy I mentioned awhile back. See @epekilis echo on why it’s so good.

onellameganJul 17th

I'm so interested in the way Invisibilia discusses the empathy debate as a generational thing. It's fascinating because I definitely found myself relating to the younger producer, especially when I was listening to Hanna's version of the story and "reading between the lines", as it were.

mmJul 18th

@onellamegan It’s so fascinating that they actually taught empathy in school way back when! I guess now there are social justice classes in high school.

onellameganJul 18th

@mm Yes! I also wonder if there's a differentiation to be made between sympathy and empathy when it comes to the differing viewpoints here.

mmJul 18th

@onellamegan Ohhhhhh "symapthy" vs "empathy". That's a good one that could be an explanation too. Good insight 👌

fiercefabAug 6th

How often do you get to hear how a story was *almost* framed, followed by a completely different take on the same series of events? I’ve said before that the Invisibilia team is refreshingly introspective, and this is one of the absolute best examples of that. Few are brave enough to question their own initial reaction and question their own thought process out loud.