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The Ezra Klein Show

Work as identity, burnout as lifestyle

1:24:45 | Apr 22nd

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In the past few months, two essays on America’s changing relationship to work caught my eye. The first was Anne Helen Petersen’s viral BuzzFeed piece defining, and describing, “millennial burnout.” The second was Derek Thompson’s Atlantic article on ...Show More

jspinelleApr 22nd

As a workaholic, I totally identify with a lot of this episode. Now that Millennials are becoming parents, I worry how our view of work and life will influence our children.

mmApr 29th

I loved this episode @jspinelle! Thanks for echoing it. I enjoyed how they brought on two guests that had divergent viewpoints on the cause of workaholism.

mmApr 29th

This is a terrific episode on workism and burnout. Is workism caused by capitalism or driven by the individual or both? What's the solution to workism? Is productivity also workism? Is "finding your purpose" also workism? For "white collar" jobs that require thinking and the rise of consumer-friendly tools like Slack, work leaks into our lives and leisure leaks into work. Such a thought-provoking episode. @aliceko @kimwaudio I thought of you both when I was listening to this episode. I think you'll enjoy it!

alicekoApr 30th

Thanks @mm - very interesting episode and right up my alley. I actually listened to this on 1x so I could fully absorb everything. It was nice to hear that it's not just me that fulls like it is difficult to actually find 'true' leisure. I have actually sought out help from others recently so I could 'learn' how to relax (true story). The mental manual workload is also true. Good food for thought how we get caught up in everything. Esther Perel mentioned something in a recent talk that I think is relevant here - do you care more about what they say in your eulogy, or your CV?

mmApr 30th

But it's not "you" per say! Even the tech that we're using are blurring the lines between leisure and work - i.e. Slack, IG, etc. depending on your line of work. And even podcasts (depending on what you listen to) fit that bill! I remember in the episode they were pondering about how "productive leisure" is also work or a byproduct of work too. So many interesting points. Will probably listen to it again in future.