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Democracy Works

Send us your questions!

02:10 | Apr 25th

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We are excited to announce our first ever Democracy Works listener mailbag episode! We’ve covered a lot of ground on the show over the past year, but there’s still many more questions to answer — and we would love to hear yours. We’ll be recording th...Show More

jspinelleApr 25th

Do you have a question about democracy? I want to hear it!

dannyApr 25th

Oh, love AMA's! What do you think the EU looks like in 50 years? And more generally, what do you think is the future of GeoPolitical Unions such as the EU?

jspinelleApr 29th

@danny Good questions - thank you!

mmMay 30th

@jspinelle In Democracy Work's opinion, which are the best democracies in the world? Which are the worst? Question inspired by this article:

jspinelleMay 30th

@mm Love it! Added to our list. We are recording the episode in a few weeks and it will be out at the end of June 😀

mmMay 30th

@jspinelle Nice! Will watch for it!

dannyApr 25th

Democracy Works is doing an AMA!