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TED Radio Hour

Keeping Secrets

52:13 | Apr 26th, 2019

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Who should get to keep secrets, and who should demand to know them? In this hour, TED speakers talk about the damage secrets can do, and the shifting roles we play when we keep, or share them. In a sp...Show More


mm recommended:Aug 17th, 2019

A series of TED talks and accompanying interviews with the speakers about the theme of "secrets". I've always loved PostSecret, so it was great to hear from founder Frank Warren in his home talking about the founding of the project and how he gets postcards of secrets everyday -- including many that are too deep to share and post online or in his book. The second speaker, Ash Beckham, talked about being secretive in their gender identity. Loved the part where Ash told a kid about the secret and the kids like "Can I you just give me the food I'm in line for?" The last speaker, journalist Glenn Greenwald talks about the right to personal secrets without companies and state surveilling. He argues that personal secrets and need for privacy is a human condition and allows creativity to flourish.