Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Take the Right Kinds of Risks

21:53 | Mar 5th, 2019

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To celebrate the 100th episode of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, we're disrupting our format a bit. In Episode 80 we gave you a preview of an online course we're developing. It's been our most download...Show More


aliceko recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

Listen if you’re interested in learning how you can set yourself apart from others in the workplace or from a professional point of view. Good episode about competitive risk vs market risk. Whitney is hardcore - she tells you to listen to this episode everyday over the next month - I like it! Key ta...Show More

fiercefabNov 4th, 2019

@aliceko Great review! Can’t wait to check it out

mm recommended:Oct 7th, 2019

This was a good overview on market risk vs competitive risk for self and work. We like to take competitive risk because it's ironically less risky, but if we want to reap the rewards, we should take on market risk.

alicekoOct 7th, 2019

@mm Thanks!!