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Episode 267: Sarah Ellison

Oct 25th, 201744:16

Sarah Ellison is a special correspondent at Vanity Fair and the author of War at the Wall Street Journal. “There’s no lack of stories. ... There’s always an element where you’re going to be parachuting into something that someone has likely written about, to some degree. You can’t shy away from going into something that’s a crowded field.” Thanks to MailChimp, Quip, and BarkBox for sponsoring this week's episode. @Sarahlellison sarahlellison.com Ellison on Longform [00:15] 11/15: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Kara Swisher [00:45] 11/12: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Zoe Chace [03:00] Longform Podcast #111: Anne Helen Petersen [03:00] Longform Podcast #224: Hua Hsu [04:15] The Hive [04:20] Ellison's Vanity Fair archive [05:00] "Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and... Show More

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