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Sarah Lee: Glow Recipe Co-Founder and Co-CEO

54:18 | Apr 22nd, 2019

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Korean skincare expert and Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee talks to Second Life about leaving the corporate world and starting her own company....Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 14th

Um, is it the 12-step/20-step KBeauty skincare system really necessary?! I think Scam Goddess should do an episode beauty about KBeauty scams. Nevertheless on what I think about KBeauty - I still loved this episode about Sarah Lee, co-founder behind Glow Recipe, one of the first KBeauty brands to launch in the US. I'm most impressed by Sarah's origins story: she started off in the L'Oreal office in Korea - and hustled her way to be transferred to NYC. I mean anyone who can convince their employer to pay for their move to NYC is already brilliant. She worked her up way the ladder at L'Oreal USA in NYC and had the brilliant idea to bring Korean beauty products to the US with her co-founder, another Korean L'Oreal colleague who was also living in NYC. What I learned from this episode and this company: 1. If you have a co-founder who is your equal in terms of work ethic and media-ability (Sarah and her co-worker share the work of doing press interviews - because they are both good at it, extroverted and knowledgable) - your life will be a lot easier. 2. Look for trends in other countries and be the first to bring it to a new country 3. If you're going to work in the corporate world - at least leverage and learn as much as you can for yourself. I'm sure those numerous beauty conferences that L'Oreal sent Sarah to was beyond valuable as she founded her own company.