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There Goes the Neighborhood

Change the Name of the Arts District to the Luxury District

28:40 | Oct 17th, 2017

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Are artists victims of gentrification? Or the perpetrators of it? Artists move into empty post-industrial spaces and poor neighborhoods, save on rent, create their work, build up studios and communiti...Show More


mm recommended:Apr 22nd, 2019

This was a good episode looking at "artwashing" by real estate developers and the role of artists in gentrification. Developers are no longer stopping at murals but putting live artists in buildings to give it "authenticity". It's crazy how luxury real estate developers are getting musicians to "audition" for "free residency" in their buildings if they play music for 8 hours per week for building residents!

mmApr 22nd, 2019

@bctcheung @ellouis @kevinyshuang @aliceko @knothappening @dbautista - Good episode on artwashing, artists and gentrification. Some pretty crazy testimonials and examples of what's going on elsewhere. Worth a listen.

mmApr 22nd, 2019

@bychrischeung This episode about artwashing and gentrification is really good!

alicekoApr 29th, 2019

@mm Really good real talk on artists and gentrification👌🏼 food for thought: if the artist knows how to market and brand themselves, should they get more opportunities such as residencies? I’m sure they chose Kelly because they knew he’d be adept at social media and “fit in” with the type of networking and parties expected of him.

mmApr 29th, 2019

@aliceko Oh definitely they chose Kelly because he fit their "culture" and go with the real estate developers' programs. I guess the question is whether harm is created when these "residencies" are created and who it ultimately benefits at the end of the day.

mmJul 4th, 2019

@jbrot This is the episode about artwashing I mentioned.