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Going Undercover With NY Times Restaurant Critic Pete Wells

37:07 | May 13th

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NY Times restaurant critic Pete Wells has been called the most read and most feared food writer in the US. He can make or break a restaurant with one review. How does he feel about wielding so much power? Has the job changed him, or his approach to f...Show More

mmJun 7th

I loved this fun and funny episode so much about NYTimes’ food critic! Loved hearing the “forensic” look into food where you eat something bad over again and again to figure out what went wrong with it, “power dynamics” of food critics vs restauranteurs, how to write opinion on food, what happens when the status of the chef doesn’t reflect the food (eg the Guy Fiery review), and more. @yskevinhuang

mmJun 15th

@ayan604 This one about NYT's food critic is *so* good.

mmJun 20th

@cesar Have you listened to this one? I really enjoyed it.

dannyJun 1st

Enjoyed this interview with a food critic.

virovalkyrieJun 1st

Food critic is like food spy working his way across all the restaurants. Such an interesting profession!

mmJun 1st

This sounds like my type of episode. I'm excited. Thanks for echoing this!