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99% Invisible

354- Weeding is Fundamental

37:57 | May 14th

2 echoes
Libraries get rid of books all the time. There are so many new books coming in every day and only a finite amount of library space. The practice of freeing up library space is called weeding. When the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library w...Show More

mmJul 28th

This episode wasn’t about weeding plants but weeding library books (i.e. getting rid of books from the library collection). I love physical books so this was heartbreaking for me to hear the weeding of 100k library books in SF’s library. The heist of books was hilarious though!

epekilisJul 13th

Another brilliant episode of 99% Invisible where they use the specific, people-centred story to illustrate big picture principles. When we cull a collection, what are we losing? Do we care? E-books are not completely displacing hard copy books, which are continuing to grow in popularity and usage. Beyond libraries, this episode is required listening for anybody in organizational records management, data governance and disaster recovery, the controversy around what to keep and whether to track what is being lost rings so true. I have lived small versions of this story.