Shreds: Murder in the dock

Part One: Prologue – Under the bridge

20:41 | Feb 21st

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Prelude to a murder in old Tiger Bay. A young woman is murdered in a frenzied knife attack. Outside, a man is crying and covered in blood. What happens next almost defies belief. Yes, this really did happen… ‘Shreds: Murder in the dock’ reveals th...Show More

jilliankuzmaJul 26th

The brutal murder of Lynette White in 1988 was the first event in a series of shocking tragedies and miscarriages of justice. Shreds tells the story of her murder, the police investigation and the convictions of the men who became known as the “Cardiff Three,” but that’s just the beginning of the story.

47hoursofpodcaststolistentoMay 23rd

Wow what a story twists and turns, a true miscarriage of justice. Great soundtrack to go along with it