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Gangster Capitalism

Introducing Season 1: The College Admissions Scandal

04:29 | Apr 18th, 2019

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With exclusive interviews and thought-provoking discussion, Andrew Jenks examines the people involved and the larger debate around higher education in America.


ddtbagbabe recommended:Aug 7th, 2019

THIS PODCAST WAS AMAZING. It really helped me understand what was going on, and the depths of the depravity these parents were willing to go to for their kids to have a particular name on their degree. It is disgusting and eye-opening.

jspinelle recommended:Jun 27th, 2019

I used to work in college admissions and it’s scary how easy it is to make these things happen! Definitely recommend checking out this show.

mm recommended:May 25th, 2019

This sounds like it will be a great series on the admissions scandal. It’s pretty amazing how these topical investigative podcasts are churning out so quickly before the cases even end.