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Team Human

Ep. 130 Astra Taylor "Democracy is a Verb"

1:10:31 | Jun 12th

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Returning to play for Team Human today, filmmaker, author, musician, and activist Astra Taylor.Astra joins Douglas for a conversation that wrestles with the paradoxes and contradictions inherent in democracy. It’s a discussion explored in her latest ...Show More

acserranoJun 12th

The movie is subversively feminist & heady in all the best ways possible, the book is a thoughtful reflection on democracy and a not so subtle call to get us off our asses and move to do the necessary work to keep democracy alive, and this podcast is like having these two beautiful humans in your living room inspiring you and all your guests to be the best possible humans as you sauté the garlic and onions and call out "anyone want more wine?"