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The Watchmen

38:00 | May 16th, 2019

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If data doesn't make you think of a new world order, it should. AI is enabling wholesale surveillance, and changing the landscape in countries like China, where cameras monitor citizens to decide thei...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 6th

Fabulous exploration of AI used in surveillance in US and around the world. The story about the inmate and his encounter with the machine that determined his fate was incredible. I loved the host Oz' soliloquy about AI and surveillance. Masterful writing.

write2tgFeb 7th

@mm Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed the episode. AI and surveillance is more seamless than we think it might be.

mmFeb 7th

@write2tg Glad you enjoyed it! We’re hosting an featured discussion next week with the podcast host Oz and @cesarm !

outdoorsblueFeb 7th

@mm Does it mention the UK? I couldn't believe the number of surveillance cameras there, even in small villages.

mmFeb 7th

@outdoorsblue Hmmm...I don't recall directly, but they did explore various places around the world and various applications of the tech quite extensively. Do you know why are there so many cameras in the UK and even in small villages? Also, just heads up that we're hosting a featured discussion about Sleepwalkers starting this Sunday throughout the week hosted by @cesarm and the podcast host Oz. Would be lovely to have you join!

outdoorsblueFeb 8th

@mm I think it evolved over time as a way to track drunkenness and crime on the weekends. Then they were added to their motorways to watch for congestion and accidents.

outdoorsblueFeb 8th

@mm Cool. What time? And what time zone are you in?

mmFeb 8th

@outdoorsblue Ohhhh interesting...🤔

mmFeb 8th

@outdoorsblue The discussion is going to be all week long any time zone! The Podyssey team is usually PST.

rosaguacFeb 12th

added to the list! thank u @mm

mmFeb 12th

@rosaguac You're welcome! Excited to hear what you think.

mmFeb 14th

@outdoorsblue @rosaguac Just wanted to let you both know that we're chatting about this podcast episode with the podcast host @ozwoloshyn organized by @cesarm right now here: FYI that it ends on Saturday. Would be lovely to hear what you think.

cesarm recommended:Jun 20th, 2019

This show is one of the best produced podcast I have come across in a while. We are in the AI revolution but we are just sleepwalking towards it.

mmJun 20th, 2019

@recamilio @acserrano AI and surveillance in countries.

acserranoJun 21st, 2019

@mm thanks will check out!

acserranoJun 29th, 2019

@acserrano great!

alicekoJan 4th

@cesarm Thanks for the recommendation - really loving this series!