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Nice Try!

Levittown/Concord Park: Utopia in Our Backyard

34:11 | Jun 13th

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Suburban developments built in the 1950s were idyllic communities and gave many people their first opportunity at home ownership, but typically excluded African Americans. While William Levitt used explicit racial covenants and other tactics to keep ...Show More

alliricoJul 25th

Probably my favorite episode of the season!

mmJul 25th

Oh this sounds so interesting! Adding it to my architecture + urban planning playlist. If you haven't already listened to it, you might enjoy this 99% Invisible podcasts about Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonia utopias he created:

alliricoJul 25th

@mm oh nice! Thanks for sharing!

mmJul 25th

@allirico You're welcome! Tagging @epekilis because I think you might find this episode interesting.

alicekoJul 26th

@allirico adding to list!

epekilisJul 26th

@mm Thanks, will check it out