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Science Friction - ABC RN

Sum of All Parts - The sound of seizure

25:46 | Jun 23rd

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Brant Guichard has heard The Music for as long as he can remember.

epekilisJul 11th

The first of two fantastic podcasts about the relationship between music and mathematics. An epileptic patient hears musical auras that accompany his seizures. A mathematician turns those electrical impulses into music. Ya know, 100 years ago, Schoenberg and other composers were exploring the same turf, using mathematics to create new scales. Personally, I hate that music. It is awful and atonal and just jangly. An interesting intellectual experiment but really awful to listen to. This is different. His aura is beautiful and you can see how it swells and becomes so overwhelming.

pannndemoniumAug 10th

@epekilis sounds fascinating. Will listen.