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How to Succeed in Business With Marisa Ricciardi

36:45 | May 31st, 2019

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If you look up “pivot” in the dictionary, Marisa Ricciardi’s picture should be front and center. From an intern at a white-shoe financial services firm to a business development and marketing executiv...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jun 24th, 2019

Great episode on marketing, growing your career & pivoting careers. how Marisa Ricciardi, former finance professional strategically & seamlessly pivoted her career from finance to move into the marketing side, and eventually found her own boutique agency. Great tips from Marisa: - Practice how to raise your hand & negotiate for yourself by using an executive coach or mentor - Learn how to strategically advocate for yourself - As another professional who pivoted from finance to marketing I can relate to this. For any other accounting/finance pros who are also hoping to pivot to marketing, learn how to sell yourself on how you can provide value because you understand how the business works having worked directly with clients on the ground - It will be your EXPERTISE that sets you apart from the crowd. E.g. If you have the background to understand how the business actually functions - that is rare & valuable. - It’s ok to be honest with team members & show more of your human side - For all agency owners & marketing executives, listen up: Marisa has incredible advice on how marketing should be viewed as a strategic partner of the business, not just the fun, creative side. Marketing is directly tied to how to get leads and should be (and can be) focused business outcomes (e.g. how to drive more leads) - There are differences between marketing for small/emerging brands (break through noise & grow awareness) vs big/established brands (reinvention & maintaining market share)