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#144 Dark Pattern

35:58 | Jun 27th, 2019

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This week, we discover an invisible maze, designed to trick millions of people out of their money.Justin Elliot’s TwitterPro Publica’s questionnaire for people who’ve worked at IntuitIntuit CEO’s vide...Show More


mm recommended:Jan 14th

TurboTax’s dark pattern of tricking into lower income people to paying them money when they legally don’t need to for “free” tax filing is absolutely crazy and height of unethical web design and development. And the “Free free free free” spelling bee and the founder’s equestrian kids...🙄

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 12th

One of those podcasts that fills you with righteous indignation and motivates you to do something differently (in this case, stop using TurboTax)!

mmJan 12th

@rmmiller364 Dark patterns is something I’m super interested in and have been looking for more content on this! Definitely going to listen to this. Thanks for the recommendation.

mmJan 14th

@rmmiller364 Just listened to this. Absolutely horrifying!!! 🤬 Reminds me of this Underunderstood episode about dark patterns of Grubhub

rmmiller364Jan 14th

@mm oh, I’ll need to listen to that one!

mmJan 14th

@rmmiller364 Let me know what you think! It’s one of my new fave shows. Underunderstood is like ReplyAll but with 4 friends and mysteries of mostly food and tech.

danny recommended:Jun 28th, 2019