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Punch Up The Jam

77 - Kiss From a Rose (w/ Travis McElroy)

1:32:04 | Jul 4th, 2019

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We punched up the TRUE national anthem with Travis McElroy (@travismcelroy - My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone podcasts). Is it drugs? Is it love? Are they the same thing? Seal will ne...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 15th

If you weren't obsessed with song (like I was in 1996) then you will be after this comprehensive breakdown and analysis into how complex and brilliant this song is. There's a reason Seal won 3 Grammy awards for this song! Those melodies. The harmonies. The drums. The theatrics. The heartbeat. His vo...Show More

alicekoJan 15th

@mm This podcast takes song analysis to a new level!

aimee recommended:Jul 9th, 2019

πŸ’‹ by a 🌹

alicekoJan 14th

@aimee Omg I can’t wait to listen to this!