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Why Sidewalk Labs' sweeping Toronto smart city proposal faces hurdles (with Financial Post reporter James McLeod)

21:46 | Jul 3rd

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There are a few hurdles that need to be cleared before a prime piece of real estate on Toronto’s waterfront is turned into what could be the first of many smart city developments. Financial Post reporter James McLeod explains the challenges the propo...Show More

mmJul 5th

Didn’t know the “urban data trust” that Sidewalk Labs is setting up to address the data privacy issues is actually just a Trojan horse because they are addressing the issues by giving “everyone has equal access to the data” including themselves, which is not addressing the issue. Also, why is one of the most wealthiest companies in the world asking for a land subsidy from the government? Lastly, I dislike it when people use the moot argument of: “well it’s derelict empty land anyway so anything on it is better and generates more economic activity than current state”, but this isn’t a binary decision! The question is whether Sidewalk Labs’ proposal should be built and whether they should be the developer. There could be a gazillion other proposals instead of this one, so it shouldn’t be framed as Sidewalk or nothing.