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Planet Money

#924: Stuck In China's Panopticon

26:36 | Jul 5th

3 echoes
The Chinese government is using face recognition, DNA samples and more to track the Uighur population. Americans — some unknowingly — have helped build this surveillance state....Show More

matresstesterJul 10th

They are so fearful of the voice recognition in Chinese surveillance state they had to hire an actor to read the interviews!

alicekoJul 10th

A truly horrifying example of what can go wrong with advanced face recognition & DNA samples. I pray for the man featured in this episode. Thx for the reco @loopaleep.

loopaleepJul 9th

What foreign governments are doing to their citizens is nuts. How fast this system can be abused is terrifying. Great listen.

alicekoJul 9th

This sounds so interesting! Adding to my 'listen list' :)