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Strong Songs

"Satisfied" from Hamilton

44:30 | May 1st, 2019

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A toast to the groom! To the bride! To knowing you'll always regret the sacrifice you made for your sister! NOW ON PATREON Strong Songs now has a Patreon! If you liked this episode (or, you know, any ...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 20th

As if I didn't love Hamilton enough... absolutely brilliant analysis into the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda. I EVEN LEARNED THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW! For instance around 29 minute mark - what Kirk said about the "perfect fourth" blew my mind... For those of you who haven't seen the show yet, each character has their own melodic theme and Kirk's spectacular analysis just confirms just how much of a genius Lin really is. His advanced rhyming schemes should be the envy of rappers everywhere (if it isn't already).

alicekoJan 20th

@epekilis You may enjoy this!

epekilisJan 23rd

@aliceko ❤️. We have tickets for our daughters birthday. Are you going to make it to TO while it’s playing here?

epekilisJan 23rd

@aliceko I haven’t played this episode yet but just FYI my daughter can do Anjelica’s entire Satisfied rap without missing a beat. I help by howling HELPLESSSSSSSSSSSS at high volume at appropriate spots. 😊

alicekoJan 23rd

@epekilis I am so excited for you! I don't have plans to be in TO between February and May but if that changes you can be sure I'll be there. Hamilton is also coming to Vancouver in 2021 :) I'm taking @mm with me!

alicekoJan 23rd

@epekilis Thank you for sharing that with me, it made my day :) That is truly a feat to be admired. That is probably one of the fastest raps I've ever listened to. You should be proud :)

mmJan 23rd

@aliceko @epekilis I just got an email newsletter a few hours ago about Hamilton coming to Vancouver!!!