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My First Million

Blogging His Way To $9M in Cash - Ramon Van Meer

51:07 | Jul 3rd, 2019

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Ramon Van Meer has never seen a soap opera. Yet somehow, he built the most popular soap opera blog on the planet - and was raking in ~$300,000+ per month! Today's conversation is about how he got the ...Show More


pauldrecksler recommended:Jul 15th, 2019

Testing an echo.

aliceko recommended:Jul 12th, 2019

This is the one of the craziest (most respectable) millionaire stories I've ever heard! Soap operas are an underrated market eh? Ramon sounds so down to earth, gotta love underdogs like this.

pauldreckslerJul 15th, 2019

Testing a reply.

pauldreckslerJul 15th, 2019

@pauldrecksler seeing how many reply tier levels.

pauldreckslerJul 15th, 2019

@pauldrecksler here goes another.

pauldreckslerJul 15th, 2019

@pauldrecksler Okay looks like two nests deep

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