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99% Invisible

364- He's Still Neutral

32:55 | Jul 31st, 2019

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When confronted with trash piling up on a median in front of their home in Oakland, Dan and Lu Stevenson decided to try something unusual: they would install a statue of the Buddha to watch over the p...Show More


mo recommended:Oct 6th, 2019

Thanks for sharing this :))) I loved this! Thanks to humans’ humanity, images and rituals that brings together The police and the city failed... human morality grew 👏🏽

epekilisOct 6th, 2019

@mo I’m going to give Criminal a try now. I’m a long time fan of 99%pi. I found them on episode 16 way back when, but I’d never heard of Criminal before theycross promoted it in this episode. If this is an example, it will be worth a listen.

moOct 6th, 2019

@epekilis I agree This was impressive! Thanks,

epekilis recommended:Oct 1st, 2019

This episode renews my faith in human nature. Community spirit still exists.