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Endless Thread

The Amber Room

30:44 | Jul 25th, 2019

3 recommendations
Once considered “the eighth wonder of the world,” the Amber Room was a treasure of kings and architectural marvel before being stolen by Nazis and lost to history. So…what happened? It all depends on ...Show More


mpr recommended:Apr 9th

Another great history podcast that recreates a grand time through verbal imagery.

epekilis recommended:Mar 1st

Learned a lot from this episode. I was aware of the Amber Room mystery, but had much of the details wrong. The originating history was even more interesting than the speculation about the mystery of the room’s disappearance. There is a lot here about the relationship between art, power and politi...Show More

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 24th

A really great art history mystery that also explores the intersection between global politics and art