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Why'd You Push That Button?

What keeps people on Snapchat?

36:36 | Jul 24th, 2019

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In the social media world, Instagram has dominated as the most used app in 2019, but what happened to Snapchat? Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany dive into where Snapchat is after Instagram stole thei...Show More


phocks recommended:Aug 3rd

I still use Snapchat and this hits it right on the head!

I thought this episode was:

😍 Cute
💬 A great conversation

epekilis recommended:Jul 24th

I think it’s an age thing. Snapchat was THE place to hang out starting in Grade 8. But by end of Grade10 she is in both but transitioning to Instagram. She says she doesn’t even like it but you “have to”. There are complicated politics about streaks and who gets a full face, who gets a partial fa...Show More

I thought this episode was:

🤔 Thought-provoking

mmJul 24th

This is HILARIOUS. So fascinating.

epekilisJul 24th

@mm agreed. I see the humour in it and gently tease her about it but I also have to acknowledge that it’s very real and serious to her so I try to respect and trust her judgment. And on a more serious note, the narrators laugh off those dumb parents who are so afraid of their teen using Snapchat for...Show More

rmmiller364Jul 25th

@epekilis I think it’s way harder to be a teenager now than it was when I was young. I feel bad for kids. Is TikTok a thing with your daughter and her friends? My friend who has a 15 year old says it’s all about TikTok these days

epekilisJul 26th

@rmmiller364 yup TikTok’s a thing. She tries to teach me TikTok dances in the kitchen. I fail miserably but it’s a lot of fun. She specifically picks gangsta rap ones because she knows I’ll get wound up about the lyrics. She thinks it’s hilarious to watch me froth at the mouth about respect for w...Show More

epekilisJul 26th

@mm you know, the other thing about the transition to Instagram is that she has 1,400+ followers on that platform but has never posted a single post or photo. (I can say these things in a public forum because she has a different name so nobody will ever be able to breach her privacy.). She cares a ...Show More

rmmiller364Jul 26th

@epekilis that’s really interesting! I’ve read about how Instagram might start hiding how many likes photos have for this reason, but now I’m wondering if they need to hide how many followers people have too! I like to use Instagram because I am an amateur photographer and even though I’m a grown ad...Show More

epekilisJul 27th

@rmmiller364 I’ll look for it. Sounds interesting.

mm recommended:Jul 24th

This was a super fun and hilarious episode about why people are still on Snapchat. Because it's a delightful app that keep on inventing fun viral hits (like baby face swap)! Those people who are Snap streaks maniacs are actually maniacs.

I thought this episode was:

😊 Delightful
🕵️‍ Well-researched

mmJul 24th

@danny You'll enjoy this episode.

epekilisJul 24th

@mm I so have to listen to this. Signed, Mom of 16 yo with a Snap score of 265k and a top streak of 752 as of today. I asked. She demonstrated a baby face swap for me upon request but refused to include my smiling face in a snap because that would be weird.

mmJul 24th

@epekilis O.M.G. 😱 She’s one of them!!!