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Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Best Lifesaving Lessons

30:47 | Jul 31st, 2019

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Oprah discusses the best lifesaving lessons she's learned and says we should use our intuition and the voice in our heads that says, "Something is off here." Oprah reflects on her Oprah Winfrey Show c...Show More


susanle recommended:Aug 15th, 2019

This sent chills down my spine because it honestly is my worse nightmare. The tips from this is SO useful. Knowledge is power and when someone is in an unfortunate incident like this, it is so important to be able to tap into this knowledge and survive. I loved how they talked about how we are the o...Show More

aliceko recommended:Aug 10th, 2019

My wish is for every single female to listen to this episode. These simple tips could save your life. It is SO important for us to teach our children: Niceness does NOT equal goodness, because niceness may be the one thing that ends up harming you. Also, listen to your GUT. Please reshare @mm

mmAug 10th, 2019

Thank you! <3 Will take a listen!

serena recommended:Jul 31st, 2019

A good reminder for everyone.

alicekoAug 10th, 2019

THANK YOU! Sharing with all my friends who have children, it is SHOCKING about that 36 second stat.