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PostSecret Founder, Frank Warren

30:05 | Aug 1st

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In this interview, Adela chats with the founder of PostSecret, Frank Warren. PostSecret is a project that allows people to send in anonymous, decorated postcards with a secret on it. Frank gave a TED Talk in 2012 called “Half a Million Secrets,” whic...Show More

alicekoAug 18th

I remember PostSecret! Unfortunately, secrets have no longer become mysterious with the rise of social media and the internet. Maybe being 'secretive and mysterious' will become a trend again in the future (we can only hope). Insightful interview @podcastbrunch! I loved your question suggesting that sharing secrets by way of PostSecret may have been gateway to releasing the secret to who actually needed to know about it.

mmAug 17th

Great interview with PostSecret Founder! Learned so much about Frank's wonder with postcards since a kid and his fun creative projects since then (some that even end up on the WashPo!). Great interview @podcastbrunch!

alicekoAug 18th

Makes me want to pick up the art of sending postcards again.

mmAug 18th

@aliceko Start with sending it to PostSecret :)