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The Two Princes

01. Once Upon a Time

27:40 | Jun 4th, 2019

5 recommendations
Rupert wants answers. Lavinia wants a wedding. The Forest wants... something.The Two Princes was created and written by Kevin Christopher Snipes and directed by Mimi O'Donnell. Kelly AuCoin- Knight, A...Show More


peachtree recommended:Apr 5th

Cute and pleasant. Not hilarious but nice.

podysseyapp recommended:Mar 17th

Kingdoms, monsters, villians, and two princes that falls in love is a formula for an incredible audio drama for kids that will entertain both tweens and adults.

daviswaldeniv recommended:Jan 29th

This show is just a gift

fiercefab recommended:Aug 22nd, 2019

Oh my gosh, what? How am I binging an audio drama for kids? I stumbled upon this accidentally in the Tai Asks Why feed and haven’t been able to stop! The immersive sound design, the fabulously wry matriarch, the familiar frustrations of youth β€” oh man, and that sweet chamberlain ... this is a great ...Show More