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Democracy Works

How conspiracies are damaging democracy

36:53 | Aug 19th, 2019

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From Pizzagate to Jeffrey Epstein, conspiracies seem to be more prominent than ever in American political discourse. What was once confined to the pages of supermarket tabloids is now all over our med...Show More


aliceko recommended:Aug 21st, 2019

Excellent episode during the current state of the media/news industry. Where has the art of fact-checking gone? Why people turn to conspiracy theories because of a desire to truly understand why something has happened. How social media impacts how quickly people tend to believe a “theory” without any actual evidence.

jspinelle recommended:Aug 20th, 2019

This conversation is super timely right now with everything going on surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. The point the authors make about “conspiracy without the theory” sums up a good chunk of our media/cultural environment in 2019.

jspinelleAug 21st, 2019

@aliceko You might find this interesting based on how China is turning Hong Kong protests as a conspiracy.

alicekoAug 21st, 2019

@jspinelle Fantastic discussion! Near the end of the episode I suddenly realized how social media has completely taken away the desire to fact check and why the quantity of followers is more important than actual evidence of a conspiracy “theory”. Thanks for publicizing this issue!

jspinelleAug 21st, 2019

@aliceko Yes, it’s pretty scary stuff! It also opens up the door for authoritarian manipulation from China, Russia, etc.

mmAug 22nd, 2019

@matresstester @yskevinhuang About HK