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Meditative Story

Time is a landscape, by Michelle Thaller

28:50 | Aug 20th, 2019

6 recommendations
Renowned astronomer and science commentator Michelle Thaller shares a story about cosmic awe and deep connection — both to our fellow human beings and to the universe around us.


waitwhat recommended:Feb 22nd

"The universe doesn’t care about the definitions, limitations, and expectations you’ve put on yourself. You are part of it just by existing." This story by Michelle Thaller will take your breath away. Savor it when you need a moment of quiet perspective.

flavieflave recommended:Dec 26th, 2019

@pat you’re gonna love this is one 🥰

azurri recommended:Dec 2nd, 2019

@flavieflave this is deeply therapeutic. Food for the soul yummmm

flavieflaveDec 2nd, 2019

@azurri thanks! Can’t wait to listen to it! ;)

susanle recommended:Nov 21st, 2019

This was another great episode. Love this format and how it intertwines meditation - making it so much more accessible. Michelle tells such a beautiful story and weaves imagery of the universe. I pictured the stars, galaxies and so much more!