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What Really Happened?


48:37 | Nov 22nd, 2017

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Andrew Jenks was ready to sell his new movie based on the inspirational Winston Churchill, who had chronic depression but still saved the free world from Hitler and the Nazis. Like Churchill, Jenks lives with depression. But after speaking with biogr...Show More

dianebluegreenMar 17th

for those who don't know,the black dog is a reference to depression. winston churchill was said to have depression,and yet think of all that he did, or did he have depression? andrew jenks talks about his own depression here as well. as a sufferer of depression,and having becoming actually disabled by clinical depression,i really appreciated hearing about this.

mmMar 17th

I didn't know that Churchill was said to have suffered from depression. Whether he did or not, history always presents him as a mentally infallible leader -- or we as a society like to think of our leaders as so. Thanks for highlighting this episode @dianebluegreen. Looking forward to listening and will circle back with more thoughts.