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ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.
This American Life

640: Five Women

0:00 | Mar 4th, 2018

12 recommendations
A different kind of #MeToo story, about several women who worked for the same man. They tell us not only about their troubling encounters with him, but also about their lives beforehand. Who were they...Show More


layne recommended:Mar 4th, 2018

Raw, real, incredible investigative story

allsond recommended:Mar 4th, 2018

Very enlightening to hear how pervasive sexual harassment is, and how different women manage it,

leiasolo recommended:Mar 6th, 2018

This ep will resonate with any woman who’s had multiple male bosses I think.

eisforerinFeb 23rd, 2019

@leiasolo I agree. Really liked this one

eisforerin recommended:Mar 6th, 2018

TAL did a nice job bringing relatable context to the #metoo phenomenon

peggyeggyeggy recommended:Mar 27th, 2018

Good listen

saam recommended:Jul 11th, 2019

This is a stand out, stand alone episode. It does not follow the regular TAL model, and the craft of the story is a legendary telling. Masterwork here.