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How to Secure Financial Freedom, Maximize Productivity, and Protect Your Health

Mar 1st1:12:31

In this episode, I answer the most up-voted questions from subscribers to 5-Bullet Friday, the free newsletter I send out every week. In this Q&A, I reveal:The top five health markers I check and watch regularly.Strategies to prevent or minimize binge eating during times of stress.The most valuable skills for securing financial freedom. My philospophy on having children.Productivity advice And much, much more. Want to ask me your own questions? Just subscribe to 5-Bullet Friday, which — every Friday — sends five bullet points of cool things I’ve found that week, including apps, books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks or tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff I dig up around the world. It’s free, it’s always going to be free, and you can check it out here: tim.blog/friday. ... Show More

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