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#237: Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss -- Dr. Rhonda Patrick

May 4th, 20172:46:46

Rhonda Patrick, PhD, (@foundmyfitness) is an American biochemist and scientist. She first appeared on this podcast back in episode twelve, and whether you want to extend life, inexpensively buy a stem cell "insurance policy," or guard against cancer, Rhonda has valuable insights and recommendations. In this episode, Rhonda tackles some of your most requested topics, including: Best practices for fasting (and who struggles most with time-restricted feedings) What blood tests are most important to analyze for overall health The "minimum effective dose" for the benefits of sauna Heat vs. cold exposure, and how they should be used effectively Most effective smart drugs The latest fat loss research And much, much more Rhonda is known for her studies of the mechanistic link between vitamin D a... Show More

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