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#227: Conquering Fear and Reducing Anxiety - Caroline Paul

Mar 12th, 201756:30

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Caroline Paul (@carowriter) returns to the podcast by popular demand for a round 2 Q&A. (You can catch her first appearance here.) Caroline is the author of four published books. Her latest is the New York Times bestseller The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure. Once a young scaredy-cat, Caroline decided that fear got in the way of excitement, confidence, and self-reliance. She has since flown planes, climbed tall mountains, and fought fires as one of the first female firefighters in San Francisco. In this episode, Caroline answers your most popular questions, including: The best starting point for overcoming your fears How to stay focused in the moment and not let your mind create anxiety and stress Her biggest life-changing experiences Coping strategies for dealing wi... Show More

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