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Articles of Interest

Plaid: Articles of Interest #2

18:55 | Dec 6th, 2018

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Lumberjacks wore plaid. Punks wore plaid mini skirts. The Beach Boys used to be called the Pendletones, and they wore plaid with their surfboards. Lots of different groups have adopted the pattern ove...Show More


mm recommended:Dec 18th, 2019

This is a funny and fascinating episode about the origins of plaid. It's more than just a print, but is a symbol to so many different groups today. But does it belong to lumberjacks or lesbians or working-class people or...? This episode takes you on a hilarious journey of the story behind plaid. Al...Show More

brendalouisek recommended:Dec 15th, 2019

This whole short series is great in exploring how clothing is more than frivolous "fashion" especially for marginalized people. This was my favourite episode I think; the self-own by the lesbian woman annoyed at the co-opting of tartan by straight women, while not acknowledging that lesbian women t...Show More

mmDec 18th, 2019

I *loved* this episode so much @brendalouisek. The "self-own" at the beginning of the episode was funny. Thanks for the recommendation!