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The Anthropocene Reviewed

QWERTY Keyboard and the Kauaʻi ʻōʻō

23:20 | Sep 26th, 2019

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John Green reviews the QWERTY keyboard layout and a bird species called the Kauaʻi ʻōʻō.


mm recommended:Nov 26th, 2019

“One of the greatest challenges of humanity is standardization. We just want something that consistent that works. A cry that the world’s tech companies unable to hear.” And the story of the extinction of the Kaua’i ‘ō’ō bird in Hawaii because of guess what? Humans! The last recording of the last bird ever was absolutely heartbreaking 😭

virovalkyrie recommended:Sep 27th, 2019

The segment about Kaua’i ‘ō’ō breaks my heart. I’m not usually at the front of a climate rally or animal rights march but something about the bird flew back immediately as the researcher played back the recording touch my heart. The feeling is so strong and unexpected that I need a moment to myself. Thank you John for shedding lights to this story.

mmNov 26th, 2019

@virovalkyrie This was such a beautiful, haunting and sad episode. When the bird’s call had silenced because it was suppose to be a duet my heart 💔