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The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

The Unhappy Millionaire

41:14 | Sep 24th, 2019

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How can winning the lottery ruin your life - while contracting an incurable disease feel like 'a gift'? Dr Laurie Santos hears about dreams come true and nightmares realised; and talks with Dr Dan Gil...Show More


aliceko recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

Great episode about money not buying happiness. Love the concept of hedonic adaptation (after a while we go back to a baseline level of satisfaction!) The reality is: it is NOT possible to be happy all the time. Emotions need to come back to a baseline. The cold hard truth is people cannot stay 10/10 happiness forever! Happiness is like a vacation destination - you can’t stay forever. Some people think something is wrong with them because they expect eternal happiness but it is not possible. Joy doesn’t come from everything in life working out perfectly. Rather, it comes from adopting better habits and behaviors. Truth!

mm recommended:Oct 4th, 2019

"Happiness is a vacation" "Happiness ever after only exists if you live for 3 minutes more" This episode shows how resilient humans are emotionally like we have a "emotion immune system". The highs are never that high and the lows are never that low.

dee.ngyn recommended:Oct 1st, 2019

Insightful introduction on how humans are incapable of understanding what would bring us « true happiness » and, perhaps, the opposite (we’re much more robust physiologically than you would imagine!). Our inability to account for unintended consequences naturally results in a lack of fulfillment when achieving goals. Don’t be discouraged, it brings other surprises as well!

cesarm recommended:Sep 30th, 2019

Brand new podcast based on the most popular class in Yale. It is all about what the latest scientific research says about happiness. Episode 1 will give you more background on the class but this episode gets into the research about money and happiness. I appreciate that they are sticking to some scientific data instead of full on New Age platitudes.

mmOct 4th, 2019

@cesarm @dee.ngyn - This was an interesting episode. Thanks both for echoing! For the two people who had negative things happen to them, I thought they were exceptional cases because not everyone is going to publish a NYT bestseller and appear on TV shows. Highlighting the extreme made for good listening material, but I wonder if those two folks were just regular and didn't do all the things they've done afterwards because of their misfortune, would they still say that they were "blessed" by their misfortune?