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04. Psychic Witch

31:05 | Sep 30th, 2019

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The one who got away, a suicidal war criminal, a family secret. Sponsorship for this episode comes from Squarespace, The RealReal and HelloFresh. Visit to see a script and full lis...Show More


mm recommended:Oct 7th, 2019

Ooooo this episode was good. I see why you all are praising the Psychic Witch now.

adam_p recommended:Oct 4th, 2019

I'm listening but I'm not quite feeling the hype. Have a sinking feeling that it's going to be a puzzling story to nowhere. Still very well done. This is the best ep so far IMO. Interested to see where it leads.

fiercefabOct 4th, 2019

@pannndemonium I’m feeling the same. The Psychic Witch saved it for me though. It was starting to get too same same. Hoping Kaitlin has more range as a character too. She’s too one dimensional and single minded right now. My hope is that we begin to understand her context a bit more, but so far sh...Show More

fiercefab recommended:Oct 2nd, 2019

Anyone else following this series? I am here for all the twists and turns, the immersive sound design and *especially* the Reddit-famous psychic witch. The acting in this episode is especially believable. I do wonder how long this device will hold me, though. Ready for Kaitlin to be something o...Show More

mmOct 2nd, 2019

@fiercefab - I believe @cesarm and @jhawthorne are!

jhawthorneOct 2nd, 2019

@fiercefab I'm curious if there will be an actual conspiracy or if it simply was an accident, and the end of the show is simply Kaitlin coming to grips with tragedy. I hope the plot twists continue!

adam_pOct 4th, 2019

@jhawthorne agreed that it seems like it could become a character driven ending rather than a plot/story denouement.

fiercefabOct 4th, 2019

@pannndemonium Oh man! It’s The Habitat all over again!! 😂

adam_pOct 4th, 2019

@fiercefab You know, I did listen to that but I can't remember now how it ended. Maybe I didn't make it through.

fiercefabOct 4th, 2019

@pannndemonium I think it’s often a matter of how you set expectations. I liked The Habitat as a human interest story but I went in thinking it was going to be a space adventure. Once I made peace with the fact that we were exploring people more than plot, I shifted gears and enjoyed it anyway.

adam_pOct 4th, 2019

@fiercefab Agreed. I think PL seemed more interesting in terms of plot from the start, and thinner around character, so I was losing interest, but I'm still in especially after Psychic Witch.

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