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The Missing Cryptoqueen

Episode 1: Dr Ruja

22:53 | Sep 19th, 2019

8 recommendations
Dr Ruja promised financial revolution. And then, two years ago, she disappeared. Why?


cesarm recommended:Sep 30th, 2019

I have never heard of this case as Iโ€™m not that into crypto but this pilot makes it sound really interesting. I will keep listening.

alicekoOct 29th, 2019

@cesarm This is seriously so good, you donโ€™t need to be into crypto for it to make sense, just FYI!

mm recommended:Oct 1st, 2019

This is an intriguing true crime podcast! This is the first time I've heard of the Crypto Queen Dr. Ruja.

mmNov 30th, 2019

@jesus_dvl This podcast is good.

mijustin recommended:Oct 19th, 2019

Ok, this show is insane.

mmOct 19th, 2019

Right?!? I want to hear what you think about the episode on Miss OneCoin after you listen to it. That one is wild.

aliceko recommended:Oct 29th, 2019

My free time for podcasts has been lacking recently but Iโ€™m SO GLAD Iโ€™m starting the podcast party back up again with this fascinating series from BBC. My mind is blown. I binge listened to this one. A cross between the Theranos story, the best of white collar crime, women in leadership, & if you ar...Show More

heyitslauren recommended:Feb 27th

Man this podcast is wild. Take cryptocurrency and mix it up with multilevel marketing.

mmFeb 27th

Sooo good, but awful for the people caught up in it...

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 18th

Wow, the sound design on this is fantastic! I love the Bulgarian choir. Im very excited about this podcast. Iโ€™m surprised I had never heard about this story before?

mmApr 18th

@rmmiller364 The Bulgarian choir is awesome! The story is crazy. Super interested in what you think of it by the end.

paulio recommended:Apr 27th

Intriguing and pretty music. And sad to hear how people are so easily fooled by get rich quick schemes. A bit slow at parts, but well done.

jhawthorne recommended:May 17th

Just caught up, this story is truly crazy and I think more people will buy into tech schemes during quarantine

mmMay 17th

Oh interesting thought. Because as a way to make money?

jhawthorneMay 17th

@mm desperate people being indoors, looking for community