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Episode 155: S.L. Price

Aug 26th, 201551:15

S.L. Price is a senior writer at Sports Illustrated. “The fact is, if you write about sports and people think they're just reading about sports, they'll read about drug use. They'll read about sex. They'll read about sex change. They'll read about communism. They'll read about issues they couldn't possibly care about, issues that if they saw them in any other part of the paper they would just gloss over. But because it's about sports—because there's a boxing ring or a baseball field or a football field—they'll be more patient and you can get some issues under the transom.” Thanks to Pitt Writers and TinyLetter for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @bySLPrice Price on Longform Price's Sports Illustrated archive [8:00] "Too Slick, Too Loud, Too Successful: Why John Calip... Show More

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