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History Extra podcast

Hamilton: the man behind the musical

46:38 | Jan 4th, 2018

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We explore the amazing life story of Alexander Hamilton, with Ron Chernow, whose biography of the American Founding Father inspired the hip-hop musical sensation.


epekilis recommended:Mar 16th, 2018

The creative interplay is fascinating between Chernow, the historian who wrote “Alexander Hamilton” and Lin-Manuel Miranda in creating The musical. Hip hop poetry “leapt off the page” for Miranda as he read—it’s the poetry of outsiders.

alicekoJul 7th, 2019

@epekilis Can’t wait to listen to this one!! Did you read the book!

epekilisJul 7th, 2019

@aliceko I actually have not read the history by Ron Chernow. It’s definitely on my list. I have read the annotated libretto by Miranda, which is quite fascinating. It gives a lot of insight into his approach. He is serious about the history, but has an equally serious approach to stagecraft. H...Show More

alicekoJul 8th, 2019

@epekilis Where is the annotated libretto? I would love to read that. Have you actually watched Hamilton? I’m looking for someone to geek out about the musical with! Oh - I put together a Hamilton podcast playlist too, added this episode to it. Check it out on my profile!

epekilisJul 8th, 2019

@aliceko Don’t know if you are in Toronto, but here’s a link to the book in the Toronto Public Library system: Warning - i found the electronic format difficult to read, and wound up getting the hard copy (also from the libra...Show More

alicekoJul 9th, 2019

@epekilis Thank you SO much! I found this book at my local library in Vancouver!! I can't wait to read it - thanks again. I've seen Hamilton twice in NYC (worth every penny) and I was ...Show More

epekilisJul 10th, 2019

@aliceko we are on a road trip, 2 teens in the backseat blasting Hamilton. Just heard the line “Sir, don’t know what you heard. But whatever it was, Jefferson started it” jump out at me. So much character is built into that one line. The animosity with J, of course, but more importantly the comp...Show More

alicekoJul 10th, 2019

@epekilis It's my dream to be on a road trip blasting Hamilton! Each character has SO much depth! Have you checked out the lyrics on genius? Also - check out the Hamilton podcast list I built, let me know if anything is missing :)!...Show More

epekilisJul 10th, 2019

@aliceko SQUEEEEEAL a Hamilton podcast list!!!! I will start working through it!

alicekoJul 26th, 2019

@epekilis I got the book!!!!

epekilisJul 26th, 2019

@aliceko Enjoy!

alicekoAug 12th, 2019

@epekilis Ellen, I just finished the book. It exceeded my expectations in every single way. THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me about it.

epekilisAug 15th, 2019

@aliceko Glad you enjoyed. I found it really took my understanding of the depth, structure and richness of the text to a whole different level. It made me realize that Miranda isn’t just an enormously talented musical theatre writer, but an enormously skilled one too, which is kind of a different ...Show More

alicekoAug 16th, 2019

@epekilis Ellen, thank you so much for the recommendation. I didn't think that my awe and appreciation of Lin or Hamilton could be any greater, but the libretto took my breath away. I appreciated all the interviews, footnotes to the songs, photos, and especially the dialogue about the greater theme ...Show More