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05. Cyberspace

34:46 | Oct 7th, 2019

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The twin brother and his lover, how to hack a plane, a Russian connection. Sponsorship for this episode comes from Squarespace, The RealReal and Upstart. Visit to see a script and ...Show More


adam_p recommended:Oct 9th, 2019

I like that we're getting to know the main character's backstory. Some of the best writing and acting yet.

mmOct 10th, 2019

***Spoilers Alert - Don't read if you haven't listened*** @fiercefab @pannndemonium - Ok podheads, I've been thinking about this audio drama over the last few days and this particular episode with the turn of events, and I need people to talk to this about. 1) First of all, do you think that Dylan ...Show More

adam_pOct 28th, 2019

@mm oh dear I've been off the app for so long I missed getting back to you when I was still fresh...but short answer Yes! I think Dylan is I gotta get caught up and refreshed!

mmOct 28th, 2019

@pannndemonium Welcome back. The next two episodes answered all of these questions! Can't wait for the next one.

mm recommended:Oct 7th, 2019

Best episode so far. Mom and dad were very much Asian parents. I wish I knew Vietnamese to know what they were saying! I liked the curve ball the Psychic Witch threw from the previous episode. Excited for the next episode.

fiercefab recommended:Oct 7th, 2019

Okay, the latest episode pulled me back in. Mara Wilson pops up in the credits at the end and says she wrote this one. Nice!