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The White Vault

Episode 3.1 :: Departure

26:45 | Oct 14th, 2019

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An archaeological team is assembled to examine a new site recently discovered in the Patagonian Andes. This is a Fool and Scholar Production. We are a two person creative team and we can only creat...Show More


daviswaldeniv recommended:Jan 29th

The absolute great thing about The White Vault is its diverse use of knowledge and expertise paired with various languages. Here, you’re introduced to a new bilingual style of storytelling that makes for an all the more authentic experience

christineelleJan 29th

@daviswaldeniv the multi-lingualism is at the top of my list for why I love this podcast!

cesarm recommended:Oct 16th, 2019

The audio drama with the most international cast has returned for a new season. This season seems like the start of a completely new adventure. Also I appreciate that they finally got actors that are native Spanish speakers. Which was my only small complaint of S1-S2. Great production and scope for ...Show More