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Finding Fred

2: Feed the Fish

33:26 | Oct 29th, 2019

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On kiddie pools and racism. On sharing a towel with Officer Clemmons. On how to say, and not to say, I love you.


argentum recommended:Nov 5th, 2019

This episode is very good. Watching a man sacrifice a piece of his self for the small progress that was made at the time is beyond noble.

mmNov 5th, 2019

I don't know about you, but I didn't know what to expect when I started listening to Finding Fred. I remember thinking that that the podcast cover art looked pretty "dark" for a documentary podcast on a children's figure. And then when I listened to the first episode, I was like "wow, the tone is da...Show More

argentumNov 6th, 2019

@mm I think the podcast was not necessarily dark or sad but hopeful. Although the subject matter is hard, I felt warmth in the atmosphere of the podcast

mmNov 6th, 2019

@argentum Hmmm...I think I just need to give it more time then!

alicekoJan 4th

@argentum @mm I absolutely agree - this podcast series is hopeful! My hope bucket is getting fuller and fuller with each episode!

rmmiller364 recommended:May 25th

Oh wow, another tear jerker. This episode is about how Mr, Rodgers dealt with race and focused on the absolutely groundbreaking scene of him scaring a plastic swimming pool with Officer Clemmons, played by François Clemmons. I actually cried when hearing Clemmons describe how much it affected him wh...Show More

I thought this episode was:

😭 Moving
💛 Honest

rmmiller364May 25th

I really appreciate that this podcast is not just Mr. Rodgers hagiography. This episode brought more complexity to Rodgers and made him feel more like a real person to me, rather than a saint, as he is normally portrayed

rmmiller364May 25th

Uh, so many typos! Sorry, sharing not scaring. And clearly I had no idea it was Rogers

aliceko recommended:Jan 4th

Incredibly powerful episode about race and what we teach our children. It is shocking to realize and remember that seeing two people of different races use the SAME swimming pool and SAME towel would have been controversial not so long ago. Mr. Rogers was onto something - teaching children how to be...Show More