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How Music Does That

The Jabberwocky of Harry Potter

11:18 | Oct 25th, 2019

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How the muggle and wizarding worlds collide in the Harry Potter theme.


mm recommended:Dec 1st, 2019

Harry Potter’s theme song is literally out of this world, because it doesn’t follow the normal music harmonic conventions that we expect as uninteresting muggles. There are even tritones that the church banned and called the “The devil in music”. That’s why it’s sounds so alien, mysterious, and othe...Show More

epekilisDec 3rd, 2019

@mm Great episode. Thanks for the echo. It did bring back memories of my own personal torment in THeory and Harmony class 30 years ago. Wish I’d had this podcast then. Our instructor at that time didn’t explain that thre was a grammar of music. He just set us to the task of transposing Bach Mot...Show More

mmDec 3rd, 2019

@epekilis I totally feel you! Theory was ok for me, but I was the absolute worse in harmony. If only they made it fun for us back in the day like this episode did as you say!

flavieflave recommended:Nov 30th, 2019

The witchy chords of Harry Potter’s or how to make your commute an adventure from another world

mmDec 1st, 2019

@ascolieri About the Harry Potter theme music for your Harry Potter journey...

mmDec 1st, 2019

Thanks for the recommendation @flavieflave! Loved this episode so much.

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