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CODERS: The Invisible Architects That Shape Our Lives

41:46 | Oct 29th, 2019

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Our world is awash in code, and those zeroes and ones aren't as impersonal as you might think. In his new book, "Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World," journalist Clive Thom...Show More


cesarm recommended:Oct 31st, 2019

Great exploration of the woes of the It field and how a big part of it is due to the people doing the coding.

mmOct 31st, 2019

This episode had me at the title and your echo.

mm recommended:Nov 1st, 2019

Good summary of coding then and coding now, why there are so many tech bros and how that contributed to the toxic culture online, and the uprising of tech workers to their employers because they know they have negotiation power due to the demand of their talent. Interesting quote by the author on how SV has become an “industry town” dependent on a singular industry, not unlike mining towns. Also interesting observation by the author that NYC tech startups are usually something related to culture, media, arts and creativity (cue Etsy, Tumblr, Kickstarter, etc), because of the diversity of culture and industry there.

username1Nov 1st, 2019

@mm your comment makes me want to listen.

alicekoNov 12th, 2019

@username1 Me too!

danny recommended:Nov 1st, 2019

A must listen for any developers out there. Talks about thinking about the side effects of how what you build might be used.

magnus357a recommended:Nov 12th, 2019


ash recommended:Nov 18th, 2019

Well produced and worth the listen!

aliceko recommended:Nov 20th, 2019

Listened to this episode with my partner who is a coder. Agreed NY tech is > SF tech!!!!! Great logical explanation as to why this is. Fascinating exploration into how coders are the secret architects of our lives. So true that software seems like “magic” to those who aren’t in it. Beautiful story about the female coders who used to be prevalent and plentiful in the computer programming world. A very SAD explanation as to why the gender split changed. Nice hopeful ending to the episode with details on how certain coders are campaigning my and taking a stand for what they will and will not do with their “magical” skills. PS: Agreed, why would anyone ever buy a Alexa??!! Is it seriously worth being listened to? Turn on your own music!